Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Patient: 19 year old female with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (resulting from Chronic Glandular Fever)

Suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 8 years, the health and life of this patient had deteriorated to the point she was bedridden and unable to attend school.

She sought help with one special request: Her elder brother was engaged to be married and as a bridesmaid it was her single wish to have the energy to be able to walk down the aisle.

Following a full health analysis, Mercury Healing were able to conclude that the patient’s nervous system and neurological system were at the root of these troubles.

After only three consultations, which included a treatment plan, adjustments to diet and crash-course on nutrition and healthy eating, the young woman was not only able to walk down the aisle, but feel normal for the first time in years.

Smokers Cough

Chronic Cough

Patient: Sixty year old woman, with a heavy smokers cough

A heavy smoker in her younger days, this patient sought help for a residual smoker’s cough which had been progressively worsening to the point where she struggled to hold a conversation.

The cough had become so debilitating that she had stopped going out and socializing as her coughing fits would get so bad she’d begin to choke.

Doctors had prescribed a steroid based medication, however she wanted to explore a more natural approach, and seeking an alternative she came to Mercury Healing. She also hoped to lose a few kilograms if possible.

Her bespoke treatment plan again included a heathy eating crash-course and nutritional adjustment.

Within five days she reported that her cough had completely disappeared! Within two weeks, she was also well on track to reaching her weight loss goal.



Patient: Female in her late twenties with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, who had been informed by doctors and specialists that she wouldn’t be able to fall pregnant.

The patient came to Mercury Healing in the hope of one day starting a family, after being told her ovaries wouldn’t release eggs. After completing an iris analysis, it was concluded that there were no signs of genetic or hereditary weaknesses. By altering a few things in her diet and lifestyle, there was no reason she shouldn’t be able to fall pregnant.

Following the treatment, she naturally and successfully gave birth to two children.

Arthritis & Chronic Pain

Arthritis and Chronic Pain

Patient: Male in his sixties with a history of Cushing’s disease and Thyroid Cancer which had left him without adrenal glands, thyroid grand and para thyroid gland.

The patient was experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Prostate enlargement
  • Obesity
  • Halitosis
  • Heavy snoring
  • Constant headaches
  • Arthritis in fingers and toes
  • Ageing and bone deterioration in fingers
  • Anxiety
  • Low energy and mood

The patient had been prescribed six life-sustaining medications, due to having no adrenals and thyroid, in addition to which he was taking pain killers daily.

Mercury Healing worked closely with the patient for two months, following which, his doctors re-tested him.

The results showed that in that short time:

  • His prostate had reduced to a normal size, surprising even his specialists
  • Arthritis became non-existent in his joints
  • Headaches ceased
  • He was able to come off his pain killers as well as 2 of his life-sustaining medications, cutting a third medication by half
  • Lost 10 kilograms
  • Improved sleep quality and snoring ceased
  • Halitosis went away
  • Increased mood and energy
Eye Trauma

Eye Trauma & Recurrent Infection

Patient: Woman in thirties with damaged eye tissue resulting from an injury as an adolescent.

The damaged tissue caused her to physically need to scratch the eyeball, causing scar tissue and the following symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Recurrent conjunctivitis
  • Redness and swelling

Specialists concluded that eye surgery was required and an appointment had been booked for one week later to schedule the surgery.

Working to a short deadline our specialists employed an aggressive treatment plan. When she went in to schedule the surgery, her specialist found that her eye was perfectly healthy, with no signs of trauma and surgery was no longer required.

Diabetes, Obesity and Gangrene

Diabetes, Obesity and Gangrene

Patient: Male in his forties with a number of presenting illnesses and on a number of medications to assist with:

  • Gout
  • Diabetes Type 1
  • High blood sugar
  • Depression
  • Obesity (200kg)
  • Deteriorating eyesight
  • Gangrene in foot
  • Bedridden and unable to shower or move
  • Unable to speak clearly

Taking an intensive, marathon approach to the treatment, a member of our team spent every day for three months nursing the patient back to health.

In this time he lost 70kgs, and doctors were surprised to find he no longer required any medications:

  • No longer had any trace of diabetes
  • Blood sugar was significantly reduced
  • Gangrene had caused a hole in his foot, which had almost completely healed over
  • No gout from foods that had previously caused pain
  • Eyesight dramatically improved
  • Depression was no longer his entire existence; he was able to regain the will to leave his room and shower, and was filled with ambition and excitement

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